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You are going to love having a set of these Team Cornhole Boards! Break them out for a backyard barbeque. Play them in your finished basement, game room or at tailgating parties. These cornhole boards come in all your favorite  Sports teams logos on them and you can also get a set of your favorite college teams as well.

These boards are made with care from premium grade birch veneer plywood. They are also hand finished with a 7-stage sealing and sanding process. So you know you are getting a quality cornhole board that will last for years of fun!

They come with solid legs and regulation size 6″ holes. Nothing beats these cornhole boards by Victory Tailgate. As an extra bonus, you get two original cornhole bags of regulation size. So as soon as these boards arrive at your front door you are all ready to play cornhole.

Cornhole Board FAQ

What is a Cornhole Board?

Cornhole is the name of a game that is usually played on the lawn. Cornhole is becoming a popular game to be played indoors as well such as bars or game rooms. Some cornhole boards have professional and college sports teams’ logos and names on them.

Why do they call it cornhole?

It’s called cornhole because when you get a bag in the hole it’s called cornhole. This has to do because the traditional bags that are used are filled with kernels of corn. Although people are opting to use bags filled with pellets made of plastic. Cornhole is also called bean bag toss by some people.

How do you score cornhole?

To score in cornhole you need to throw a bean bag and you get points for the bag landing on the board or getting the bag in the hole. You get 3 points when a bag goes into the hole and 1 point when the bag lands on the board. 

Each player gets to throw four bags per frame. If there is a tie in a round then no points are given and the same team that threw first gets to throw first again. The winner is the team that reaches 21.

What happens if you go over 21 in cornhole?

If a team goes over 21 then their score gets cut back to 11 and the game continues.

How far apart should cornhole boards be?

Cornhole boards should be 27 feet from each other both facing front to one another.

How big is the hole in cornhole?

The hole which is the goal in cornhole is 6” in diameter. It is 9” from the back of the board and 12” centered from side to side.

What are cornhole bags filled with?

Cornhole bags are filled with 1 ¾  cup of kernel corn and they weigh 15 to 16 ounces.

Who invented cornhole?

There are a few theories about who invented the game of cornhole. One of the theories is that cornhole was invented by a farmer in Kentucky in the 1800s. Another is that the Germans invented cornhole in the 14th century and yet another theory states that the Blackhawk tribe of Illinois invented cornhole.